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We are the place to explore, to be free, to create, to be and to do everything that your kinky mind is thinking about. This house is what we are, and we are what we do. “Provide”, bring everything you need to build your own fantasy. No matter if you are curious, if you are exploring, or if you are a 24/7 practitioner. We will bring you what you need and much more… After all, we are the house of your whims.
  • Promote alternative sexuality.
  • Provide everything you need to experiment safely.
  • Break taboos.
  • Encourage inclusion by creating safe spaces.
  • Educate people in BDSM and Fetish practices.


We Do


We Do It

Our purpose is to build a place where respect, love and freedom are the basis of everything, where people can express themselves, live, be and experience without worrying about judgment. A place to be free, love and respect that we are all fickle in our own way.

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